Information on the Finnish model recreation groups

  • Recreation groups: visual arts, street art, movie, animated movie, photography, dance, sports, music, band practice, nature etc. are organised at various school facilities.
  • The group activities are not organised during holidays.
  • The sign up to a group is binding. NOTE! Please do not sign up a participant just in case, if they have other plans for the scheduled time.
  • If the participant is absent for two consecutive times without a notification, we will give their place to the next in line, unless the reason for absence is illness.
  • If you cannot find the group of your own school in the drop-down menu, then the group is full. In this case, please choose “could not find my school from the list, I wish to sign up to the waiting list”. We will personally contact those on the waiting list in case any spots become available.
  • You will get a sign-up confirmation during the next workday. NOTE! The group might already full even if the group is still visible in the drop-down menu.
  • If you do not receive a sign-up confirmation during the next workday, please check your spam folder.
  • The participants in the dance and exercise groups should wear comfortable sports clothing, and shoes that are suitable for outdoor exercise. We recommend packing some snacks for the recreation afternoons, so that the participant can eat before the activities.

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Participant’s information (the child or adolescent)

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Information of the guardian

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I give permission that the work my child produces in the recreation groups can be anonymously showcased on the Break the Fight website and on social media.

Recreation group

Choose the group in which you are signing up your child. Please choose the group WITH CARE, so you do not accidentally sign up your child in the wrong age group or at the wrong school! NOTE! If you cannot find your school in the list below, that recreation group is full. In this case, please choose “could not find my school from the list, I wish to sign up to the waiting list” and mention the desired group in the field for additional information.
For example, if your child has special needs, please describe these needs in the field below.
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