The instructors, art directors and performers of the Break the Fight® BTF Youth Arts Work model are from the top of their fields!


The CEO and owner of Break the Fight Oy/Ltd and the Executive director of Arja Tiili Dance Company. Arja also develops the BTF Youth Arts Work and Hybrid Theatre models.

Arja has 32 years of professional experience as a dance artist in Sweden and Finland. Arja has made and produced 44 stage performances in different genres of performing arts. Arja has wide experience in performing arts both as a performer, a choreographer/director as well as an event producer.

Arja designs various concepts such as the BTF Youth Arts Work and art business models. She also facilitates workplace wellbeing days and body care exercises.

“I am interested in the methods of social inclusion, not only in art workshops and recreational activities for adolescents, but also in the processes of professional stage performances. I want to include adolescents into the process of stage performance development.”

Arja Tiili

Arja Tiili
Photo: Petri Juola Photo


Santeri serves as instructor for the BTF Youth Arts Work model, art director, and art mentor in schools.

Santeri or Roy is a long-term graffiti and visual artist. Santeri has 18 years of experience in graffiti painting and has served widely in this field for the past years, for example facilitating workshops around Finland. Santeri has a degree in industrial design and master’s in visual arts education. As an instructor, he is calm, considerate towards different learner types, and able to advise on each individual’s personal stylistic development. The workshops usually emphasise working together and free creative expression. Santeri facilitates workplace wellbeing days and graffiti workshops.

Santeri Karttunen

Santeri Karttunen
Photo: Petri Juola Photo


Lauri serves as instructor for the BTF Youth Arts Work model, performer, and art director.

Lauri or Laxa is a breaker from Helsinki, a professional dancer specialised in contemporary dance, and a multidisciplinary artist who has performed and instructed both in Finland and abroad. Lauri has instructed breaking, falling, floor work, acrobatics, and combining awareness skills to using the body. He is especially interested in the role of dance, exercise, and body care as part of everyday life, forming the cornerstones of a healthy life and wellbeing. Breaking is a remarkably versatile and comprehensive way to include physicality and its possibilities as part of life. Lauri performs in BTF stage shows, tours, and events, and facilitates workplace wellbeing days as well as breaking workshops.

Lauri Peltonen

Lauri Peltonen
Photo: Petri Juola Photo


Taija serves as BTF performer and art director.

Taija or B-girl Taya/T-Flow has been breaking for over 25 years. Taija is an experienced Flow Mo Crew dancer and instructor, and during the last 20 years she has competed successfully, served in judging panels, and facilitated numerous workshops around the world. Taija was granted the international Spy Award in recognition of her hip-hop culture work, which has been a worldwide inspiration. As a dancer Taija has worked in Arja Tiili Dance Company’s stage pieces Break the Fight – I Was Here! (2018), Break the Fight – Breaking Borders! (2018) and Break the Fight – Inclusion! (2020). As an instructor she is known for her energetic, coherent, and encouraging style. In addition to dance, Taija works as a personal trainer and bodyweight exercise instructor.

Taija performs in BTF stage shows, tours, and events, and facilitates breaking workshops.


Jere serves as BTF performer and art director.

Jere or Isku is a pioneer in the Finnish beatbox scene. In 2005 he won the Nordic Beatbox Championship as Iskulaatikko, and he has also won the Finnish championship. He has performed in clubs and on stages for over a decade, both in Finland and abroad. His performing highlights include opening for Busta Rhymes and 50 Cent.

Jere performs in BTF stage shows, tours, and events, and facilitates DJ and beatboxing workshops.

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