Break the Fight® aims to prevent bullying and promote communal activities both in schools and during free time. The activities offer children and adolescents an opportunity to exercise, express themselves and succeed together. The activities also employ professional artists and experts in street culture, as well as create new business models that cut across arts, culture, youth work and schools.

The art activities offer children and adolescents opportunities to express themselves and strengthen their self-esteem through street culture and performing art. The Break the Fight! art workshops and courses that are implemented at schools and youth centres – breaking (exercise), rap lyrics, dj/beatboxing (music, language), graffiti (visual art) – create new physical and recreational experiences for pupils. Alongside the art activities, bullying can be discussed, and youth involvement can be strengthened.

BTF has served as the pioneer of the new Finnish model in the Break the Fight! BTF – An Opportunity to be Heard project funded by the Helsinki Culture and Leisure Committee. The project brought low threshold hip-hop activities for free to schools and youth centres in East Helsinki during 2018-2021. We have expanded the range of BTF recreational activities, and offer schools multidisciplinary activities in visual arts, movies, animation, photography, dance, sports, and music.

The Break the Fight® art business model includes professional dance performances, audience outreach work and art workshops, which the adolescents get to watch and work on together with art and hip-hop professionals.

The art workshop activities give an artistic form to adolescent thoughts and opinions under professional guidance.


The core operations of BTF Hybrid Theater consist of dance, professional performing arts, touring and audience outreach work. The company also develops BTF art business models, such as the new BTF Hybrid Theatre model. BTF Hybrid Theater, previously named Arja Tiili Dance Company, has been working professionally since 2007. For more information, please see:


The new Youth Arts Work model was built for applying the Break the Fight® activities to school youth work. We offer youth arts work training for municipal youth workers as well as art and community educators.

Break the Fight Oy is a social enterprise that does not distribute dividends. The main activities of the enterprise are training and recreational services, as well as trademark and license management.

Break the Fight -logo musta

Break the Fight® is a registered trademark for an arts and culture service concept since 2014.
Break the Fight (design+words) trademark:
Finnish trademark No 262196
EU trademark No 018207772 and No 018953373

Taidenuorisotyö® is a registered trademark, word and design+word since 2023.
Trademark No 285036, No 285307 and No 285037

Break the Fight Oy,
business ID 3134291-9
Arja Tiili
+358 50 375 67 28
PL1, 00981 Helsinki

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